On May 6, 1986, the Point Yacht Club was formed by boating enthusiasts whose goals were to socialize and enjoy activities on the water.  Having fun was one of the top priorities of the club members, along with increasing the membership and becoming a member of the Gulf Yachting Association (GYA).

In 1987 plans were made for the very first Lost Bay Regatta, Point Yacht Club hosted the first annual Lighted Christmas Boat Parade, and efforts to search for a “place to call home” began in earnest.

In 1991, the Point Yacht Club found its home in a rental house near Bear Point Marina.  The club remained at this location until 1997, when at this time they entered into a lease agreement with Pirate’s Cove.

The raft-ups continued as did the races and the parties after the races. What started as a small group of dedicated boaters has grown into a large group of fun-loving, environmentally conscious members who believe they have found a permanent home on the north side of Arnica Bay at 6606 County Road 95, Josephine, Alabama.  The property was purchased in 2014 and lies adjacent to Pirate’s Cove; it was once owned by the Muellers.  The old bath-house was saved and converted to a club house with an immense deck attached to the front. With 100 feet of waterfront, the view from the deck is breathtaking!

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The Point Yacht Club (PtYC) is committed to giving its members a reason to get out on the water. Whether its regattas or raft-ups, members enjoy the opportunity of spending time with people who find true happiness on the water. As a member of the Gulf Yachting Association (GYA) PtYC invites crews from area clubs to participate in regattas, raft-ups, and parties.

The Point Yacht Club sponsors a number of Races and Regattas throughout the year. They range in size from smaller club affairs such as:

  • Wheelbarrow Race
  • Lillian Bridge Race
  • Cheeseburger Race
  • Fast Women Regatta (GYA)
  • Commodore’s Cup

to one of the premier yachting events on the Gulf Coast, the Lost Bay Regatta (GYA).

2020 Point Yacht Club Board of Governors


Janet Asher                        251-752-5660       janet@mjwines.com

Vice Commodore:

Billy Cunningham               251-510-6908       wmcunningham@bcmlawyers.com

Rear Commodore:

John Maloney                      251-504-7128      johndunnmaloney@gmail.com


Vince Arbour                        251-423-4095      sva@yahoo.com


Jay Warthen                         251-979-2808               jwarthen411@gmail.com

Fleet Captains:

John Horner                       251-213-8184                jhorner57@gmail.com

Brett Holk                          251-752-4655                  brettholk@yahoo.com

Acting Social Committee Chairman:

Barbara Evans                 205-886-0733                sailorsbandb@yahoo.com

Board Members:

Cherryl Hammock             205-646-5383            cherrylhammock@yahoo.com

Cindy Bankester                 251-209-9269            doddpromix@aol.com

Karen Pate                          813-545-8544              karen8948@msn.com

Jack Kelley                          251 -923 -7237            repkelley@aol.com


Tell Tale Skipper:  

Paula Menck                205-310-2150             lizzytoad7@centurylink.net


RAFT-UPS are scheduled March – October

Boaters bring something for the grill and something to share. Events are held in quite coves, bayous and bay… Ingram Bayou, Redfish Point in Big Lagoon, Bon Secour River, Soldier’s Creek and others.


The Point Yacht Club’s Annual LOO WOW, held in June, is the social event of the year. Grass skirts, leis, water games & events, music, barbeque and much more set the tone for this great event.